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Byrne Hall
The Academy building was turned over to DePaul University, and renamed Byrne Hall. Bygone DePaul | Special Collections & Archives


About the DePaul Emeritus Society

DePaul University values its ongoing connections with its faculty and staff retirees, as it values their past contributions to the university’s mission. The DePaul University Emeritus Society was founded in 2008 with the merger of the Staff Emeritus Society and the Emeritus Professors Association. The Society is sponsored by the University’s Office of Mission and Values.

The purpose of the DePaul Emeritus Society is to provide a means for ongoing connection, communication, and socialization between the university and its emeritus faculty and staff, and between individual retirees whose professional lives were for so many years dedicated to university service.

Photos, events, and information of interest to members of the DePaul Emeritus Society will be posted to this blog. Please take a look, add your comment, offer to be an "author" or just enjoy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

DES History

DePaul Emeritus Society History

Like people, most organizations do not materialize “full grown.” They start out small, often have “parents” and develop over time.  The DePaul Emeritus Society is no different. Upon the infusion of so many new members to the family, it only seems fitting that a little information about DES’ ancestors is in order.

The Professor Emeritus Society (PES), founded in 1992, was conceived by four faculty (William Gorman, Adolph Mark, John Masterson and Edwin Schillinger) with the support of Fr. Thomas Munster (Chancellor’s Office) and Ted Tolcher and Beth Bracco (Development). It was formed “to provide a vehicle to keep retired faculty involved with the university, to have an open line of communication with the university, and, to provide an opportunity for social and professional interaction amongst these retirees.” The first luncheon gathering of the PES was held on November 11, 1992. Bill Gorman was its first and only chair.

In 2000, a group of university administrators including Steve Loevy, Fr. Tom Munster, Fr. Ed Udovic, Elaine (Watson) Beaudoin and Carolyn Wright raised the possibility of creating multiple lines of communication with all faculty and staff retirees, individuals on disability, and spouses of deceased retirees. It was hoped this would improve communication among these groups and the university. Two years later, the idea of a Staff Emeritus Society (SES) was raised, and officially founded in 2003.  The first SES planning committee was composed of 5 retired staff members (Nancy Gall, Marjorie Piechowski, Nancy Rospenda, Karen Stark, and Elaine (Watson) Beaudoin); Tom Paetsch (active employee); Camille Licklider and Joel Schaffer (Development); Fr. Tom Munster and Gerry Timm (Chancellor’s Office), Carolyn Wright (Human Resources) and Fr. Ed Udovic (Mission and Values). The purpose of the SES was similar to that described by the Professor Emeritus Society.  Its first luncheon was held on October 29, 2003 and Elaine (Watson) Beaudoin was its first and only chair.

Both organizations worked to improve communications and identify general university benefits for their respective retiree groups including continued access to University libraries, identification cards, and DPU email addresses; invitations to university events including Service Awards Luncheons, Annual Health Faire, and Vincentian Service Day; receipt of paper and electronic university publications and announcements; and, discounts to events and facilities, course tuition and parking.  

When Bill Gorman died in 2006, the university took the occasion to review the two separate organizations and to contemplate the combining of the societies.  A questionnaire was sent to all faculty and staff retirees asking if they thought a merger was a good idea.  The overwhelming majority saw the combining of the two organizations as a positive step. The DePaul Emeritus Society was born in 2008.  “The DES is open to all faculty and staff of DePaul University who have retired from the university with 20 years of full-time service and are 55 years or older, or have retired from the university with 10 years of full-time service and are 62 years or older.” The initial DES charter called for the election of six officers, three faculty and three staff. The first officers were Elaine Beaudoin, Fr. Tom Croak, Jerry Goldman, Dick Meister, Nancy Rospenda, and Denny Shea. An inaugural luncheon, attended by over 60 individuals, was held on May 12, 2008 in the Cortelyou Commons.

Today’s DES mission is to provide a means for ongoing connection, communication, and socialization between the university and its emeritus faculty and staff, and between individual retirees whose professional lives were for so many years dedicated to university service. Since the DES’ inception, a number of programs and communication vehicles have been established including the semi-annual Newsletter and luncheon, Oral History Program, Memorabilia Project, Annual Road Trip Outing, Book Club, DES Website, DES News Updates blog, and the DES Facebook page. In addition, through the philanthropic support of our members, more than thirty small scholarships have been granted to upper-level, undergraduate students while creating a DES Scholarship Fund now in excess of $100,000 assuring an income stream that will support scholarships in perpetuity. Our sponsor (or we might say our “God Parent”) during DES’ six year of life has been the Office of Mission and Values for which we are very grateful.
Elaine Beaudoin
June 30, 2014

Newsline Online - Direct to your email box.

Survey says....go digital
June 18, 2014
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By Elizabeth Clements, Editor of Newsline

The results are in, and the university community has spoken. Starting this September, Newsline will become an online-only publication, making June its final print issue.

In April, all faculty and staff received a survey to collect input on whether Newsline should go digital, and what effect that would have on our readership. The results were very positive. First, we were happy to learn that 81 percent of you read Newsline. Eighty-three percent of you said making Newsline an online-only publication would either not have an impact on your readership or, even better, would make you more likely to read the newsletter. You said it makes sense to go paperless for both environmental and budgetary reasons, and you asked for more interactive features. Sixty-four percent requested image galleries and 43 percent requested videos.

You asked, and we will deliver. This summer we will revamp the Newsline website and develop a digital newsletter that will be emailed to all full-time and part-time faculty, staff and retirees twice a month. The digital format will feature images and highlight the latest university news, right in the body of the email. Because an overwhelming 76 percent of you said that you do not know how to submit an article or idea to Newsline, we will make contacting us very clear and easy on both the website and the newsletter. Of course, you don’t have to wait until September to reach out to us. You can submit an article or story idea at any time to or by calling me at (312) 362-7956.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Your feedback has helped tremendously, and I look forward to working closely with our readers as Newsline enters its next phase.

DePaul University Newsline
1 E. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60604 | About Us | Contact Us | Guidelines

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DES Grows by 120

During the Spring of 2014, the University offered long-serving faculty and staff an incentivized early retirement program. The program was completely voluntary and extended to the entire population of the university, with the exception of the President's cabinet.

Faculty and staff who met the following criteria based on their age and years of service were eligible for the 2014 Early Retirement Incentive Program.

  • Staff members at least age 55 with 20 years of full-time cumulative service, or at least age 62 with 10 years of full-time cumulative service, as of June 30, 2014.
  • Faculty members who were tenured and at least age 62 with 10 years of full-time cumulative service, as of June 30, 2014.

The final date of full-time employment for these individuals was June 27, 2014.

The DES is pleased to welcome into our ranks, 120 new members - 70 faculty and  50 staff - who chose to accept the Early Retirement program.

Over the summer, all new members will receive a letter from the DES welcoming you and inviting your participation, listing opportunities, noting the date of our Fall Luncheon (October 31 - Halloween), and providing the URLs to the DES Website and this DES News Updates blog.  Also, all new members will be invited to the DES Facebook page and receive the summer DES Newsletter.

WELCOME new members to the DES.

One of the 120 new retirees posted this image on her Facebook page.  It looks like she is VERY happy to be retired

Friday, June 27, 2014

Driehaus Museum Road Trip

Sixteen DES members enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Driehaus Museum on June 18, 2014. The Gilded Age home was built in the 1880s for banker Samuel Mayo Nickerson and the museum was founded by Richard Driehaus, DePaul Trustee, in 2003. Mr. Driehaus commissioned a five-year restoration effort to preserve the stucture and its magnificent interiors.  Read more about the Driehaus Museum.

Enjoy the slide video from the day.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Club Meeting, June 4

We had a very lively discussion of "The Goldfinch", despite the diminished size of the group due to inclement weather.  We agreed we were glad to have read the book, despite some of us getting bogged down in the Las Vegas section.  We considered aspects of parenting, art, growing up in New York, the incredible cast of characters including Hobie, Boris, and the Barbours, and whether we thought the ending fit the novel.  Even those who didn't "like" the book, came away with a renewed appreciation for the writing and the story.  That's what we want from these discussions!

For our next book, we turn to American history and biography, and will read James Tobin's  "The Man He Became"; about FDR and his struggle with polio in his political career.  Here is a review and an interview with the author on NPR.

Sr. Frances suggested the title, and will start us off on our discussion. We hope as many of you as possible read the book and join the group on August 6.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Goldfinch Discussed

The DES Book Club met today to discuss its first selection The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. The group commented on the pros and cons of the book including the story line, characterizations, descriptive elements and length! The time flew by.

Front Row: Margaret Power, Kathryn DeGraff, Helen Marlborough
Back Row: Sr. Frances Ryan, Jeanne LaDuke, Elaine Beaudoin

If you are interest in joining the DES Book Club, contact Kathryn DeGraff at

The next meeting of the DES Book Club is scheduled for Wednesday, August 6.

2014/15 DES Leadership

2014/15 DES Leadership

Chair: Jerry Goldman
Vice Chair: Susan Kosinski
Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Rospenda

Communications and Membership
 Nancy Rospenda; Vice Chair: Kathryn DeGraff

 Susan Kosinski and Dick Meister

Retiree Benefits
 Woods Bowman; Vice Chair: Jerry Goldman

Special Events & Projects
 Helen Marlborough; Vice Chair: David Sims

Thank you for your leadership of the DePaul Emeritus Society.